We all sing a bit, although Kerry takes the lead most of the time.  Over the years, the three others of us have all collected various instruments.  Here is a selection - although not all appear on the Back From The Dead album.

Pete still plays one old faithful from 1969 - the jumbo guitar featured in our original album.  He replaced his old mandolin ( which he had rescued from the attic, where it had lain for many years) with a new one. He also plays an electric Gibson guitar (ideal for jazz-flavoured numbers), and a gut-strung 6-string .  

Michael travelled a lot in the 1970s, when he worked for the Overseas Development Ministry, and when he tried to bring a genuine instrument back from  every country to which he went.  Not all are easily playable!  

He has a different banjo from the 1960s- his current one is a 100-year old zither banjo acquired in the 1970s, which has twice had to have been completely rebuilt, most recently by Graham Bradshaw.  On Back From The Dead he also plays auto-harp, appalachian dulcimer (another instrument from the old days, although it did not feature on the first album), baglama (a kind of tenor bezouki), harmonica, and hand drum.  

Aaron Catlow plays another 100-year old instrument that Michael bought many years old in Battersea market, the phono-fiddle; this accompanies 'Cigarettes, Whiskey and Wild Wild Women'. He also played Michael's Oud, Samisen and African Harp-Lyre on 'False Footrage'

John favours Martin guitars, and plays both 12- and 6-string versions. He also plays a Fender electric guitar which gives a real 1950s feel to some tracks!