'Back From The Dead' was recorded in a frantic five days
between the 18th and 23rd of July 2012.

The recordings are a mix of:

  • Irish songs,  including two from County Longford for which this will almost certainly be their first ever recording
  • Late 19th century parlour ballads with an Irish flavour
  • Contemporary  folk and country & western numbers with the Maglory twist (Dylan, Cohen, Tyson, Cash, and others)
  • 'Child' ballads
  • Songs from the Pacific 
  • Some oddities, and a song specially composed for this album
As well as Kerry's singing (we kept the kazoo well hidden this time), Pete played guitars, both acoustic and electric, and mandolin - as well as harmony singing and occasional percussion (and solo singing on 'Come Back Paddy Reilly');  John,  6 and 12 string acoustic guitars, electric guitar, and occasional singing, as well as lead singing on  'I Still Miss Someone' ; and Michael played zither banjo, baglama, dulcimer, harmonica, auto harp and hand drum as well as occasionally singing;  and he sang solo on 'The Irish Ballad' and 'False Footrage'

We were joined on some tracks by friends and family:   Aaron Catlow  plays fiddle,  phono-fiddle, oud,  Ugandan harp-lyre and samisen; Verity Vator, the Welsh Harp; Adam Hardiman, the tuba; and Miguel the tin whistle.  

Michael's daughter Cordelia sang the Leonard Cohen song ('Priests'); his wife Rotee and Nei Beta sang both the Gilbert Islands song 'Tibiriwere', and the Solomon Islands song 'Walkabout Long Chinatown';  and there is a brief cameo from Livia and Celeste, as a pack of strange dogs on 'The Hills of Greenmore'.

The recordings were made in the drawing room of the Great House in Penpergwm, in Monmouthshire, and were engineered by Michael and Pete, who also mixed them.

Here is a list of the usable ones (a few others did not quite jell!)

  • The Ballad of the Two Devines (J. Devine, additional words M.Walsh)
  • Ballinalee Fair (W. Donelly)
  • Bean Phaidan (Trad.)
  • Cigarettes, Whiskey and Wild Wild Women (Spencer)
  • Come Back Paddy Reilly (P. French)
  • Crazy (W.Nelson)
  • The Death of Queen Jane / Greensleaves (Trad.)
  • The Derry Air (Trad.)
  • False Footrage (Trad.)
  • Far Away In Australia (Trad.)
  • Four Strong Winds (I.Tyson)
  • Hard Times Come Again No More (S. Foster)
  • The Hills of Greenmore (Trad.)
  • The Irish Ballad (T. Lehrer)
  • The Irish Rover (Trad.)
  • I Still Miss Someone (J. and R. Cash)
  • The Lakes of Pontchartrain |(Trad.)
  • Love Me Tender (E. Presley)
  • New Fool At An Old Game (Bogard, Giles, Stephen)
  • Over The Hills And Far Away / Soldiers' Joy / Detox Reel (Trad., with Detox reel  improvised by Aaron and Miguel)
  • 'P' Stands For Paddy I Suppose (Trad.)
  • Priests (L.Cohen)
  • The Spanish Lady (Trad.)
  • Tibiriwere / It's A Long Way To Tipperary (Trad. Gilbert Islands chant., air of 'Tipperary' by Judge)
  • Waiting For You (B. Dylan)
  • Walkabout Long Chinatown (E. Sitori, R. Naqu,  J.Que)
  • We Haven't Made A Record (In The Last Forty Years) (M.Walsh)
  • When You Were Sweet Sixteen (Thornton)
  • Whiskey In The Jar (Trad.)
  • You Ain't Going Nowhere (B.Dylan)