The Maglory Dengluch has had two existences and has produced two albums:
at Cambridge University, between 1968 and 1969;
and at a reunion near Monmouth (with friends and family participating),
forty three years later, in July 2012.

This site covers both albums as well as biographical details of the four band members, notes and song lists for  the albums,
and photos of the various instruments we have played on them.

The results of our recordings are documented in our eponymous vinyl album,
produced  by Granta Records in 1969,
(and bootlegged as a CD by Audio Archives in 2010);
a self produced CD with all of our extant Cambridge output
 (including several outtakes and alternative versions);
the self produced new album from 2012, Back From The Dead,
for which there are also outtakes;
and a self produced 
CD with songs from both eras, The Best of Maglory Dengluch . 

If you would like home produced copies of any of these CDs
 (other than the Audio Archives one, with which we have no connection)
 please email the address given under 'Contact Us'.